Foire aux questions

How long does it take to finish a belly cast design?

It depends on the design you choose. Some are more elaborate than others and it could take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Where are you located?

I'm located in Riverview, Florida

Do you accept shipments for homemade belly casts if I'm not local?

Yes! I have received belly casts from Boston, Miami, and Connecticut. If you do a homemade belly cast, you can send it through mail. Check out the Shipping Instructions to make sure how to safely send your belly cast for repairs and decorations. Note, shipping prices are not included in the belly cast price. To check rates, you can contact your nearest mailing carrier.

How does the appointment process work?

My recommendation is to do the belly cast mold from 32-34 weeks of gestation. Once the appointment is made, I travel to my customers location to do the mold if they are local. For my non-local customers, the shipping method is preferred. The appointment takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Due to COVID-19, appointments are no longer done in-house.

What's the price for a belly cast design?

To make sure you get a high quality design, the belly cast goes through a molding and sanding process that takes a couple of weeks to get it smooth and prepped before any decorations are started. The price ranges from $250- $600 depending on the design you choose. The more elaborated the design, the higher the price is.

How much is the frame?

The frame has a custom backing specially made for the belly cast to maintain its weight. It includes a simple design and a light that has 10-12 different color lighting controlled by a remote. The price of the frame is $150.

Do you fix belly cast that are more than a year old?

Yes! I have fixed casts that were more than 5-years-old.